Cha Perez

a Will just flex Oakridge International School of Young Leaders (OISYL) because since quarantine (March) started, they have Google Classroom (online class)  Very good! My Chloe learned a lot (Grade 7) in Google Classroom. Teachers are really making an effort in sending their video / s of their lecture / s. In Google Classroom, you are the parent / s, you can check there what are the activities, quizzes, projects that your child has not yet done. Thank you to all the teachers of the High School Department.  Also, thank you to the kind-hearted owners of OISYL, Sir Derrick Dulay & Ma ‘ am Irene Tan Dulay.  God bless your good hearts.  Oakridge International School is really my first choice in Dagupan. Chloe started studying there since 2010 (Junior Nursery) up to now. Oakridge International School will always be the BEST SCHOOL for us. #OISYL #CertifiedMightyOak