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Student Life

Due to the ongoing COVID Pandemic, We have updated our Enrollment Procedures. Oakridge International School Admin Office is open daily from 9am to 3pm. But should you opt for non contact enrollment, please be guided by the following:
1. Fill Up ONLINE ENROLLMENT in Website
2. Parents will receive email re:
   a. Payment (through Credit Card) and Bank Transfer
   b. Entrance Exam ONLINE for new students
   c. Delivery or Pickup of Books



Step 1: Proceed to the Registrar’s office and get an application form and schedule for your entrance test and interview.

Requirements: Report Card and Certificate of Good Moral Character

Step 2: On the day of the test please bring 2 pieces of sharpened pencil and an eraser.

Step 3: The result will be out in three to five working days after the testing and interview.

Step 4: The applicant will be receiving a go signal for enrollment depending on the availability of slots.

Step 5: Proceed to enrollment (Registrar’s Office)

Requirements for enrollment:

1.                   Photocopy of report card from the previous grade.

2.                  Photocopy of birth certificate ( NSO birth certificate for Filipino citizens)

3.                   2 pieces of 1×1 and 2 pieces of I.D picture (recently taken)

4.                  For Lower School to High School applicants: Certificate of Good Moral Character/Recommendation Letter

5.                   For foreign applicants: photocopy of passport

6.                  For Special Education (Sped) students: photocopy of relevant medical records, psycho-educational report, intervention plans from the previous services availed

Step 6: Proceed to the Cashier’s Office and present the enrollment form for payment

Enrollment Procedure

Step1: Proceed to the REGISTRAR’s OFFICE and present your report card from your previous grade to generate an enrollment form. For students with grade problems please proceed to the HEAD OFFICE first before going to the registrar’s office.

Step 2: Fill up the enrollment form then proceed to the CASHIER’S OFFICE and present the enrollment form for payment.

Step 3: Proceed to the LIBRARY for ID picture.

FOR INQUIRIES please look for the following:

Ms. Redentora C. Lim- Principal

    Department Heads:

Mr. Ace Ofo-Ob – Highschool Department Head

Ms. Raicyl Cabradilla – Middle School Department Head

Ms. Nymphas Sarmiento – Primary School Department Head

Ms. Christine Joy Granada – Preschool Department Head

Tuition Fees

1. It is understood that a student normally enrolls for the entire school year,  unless other arrangements are made upon enrollment and agreed to in writing by the parent , principal and the Board of Directors.   

2. Fees will not be pro-rated for part of a quarter, regardless of the number of days attended.  

3. The Capital Development Fee and ESL fee will not be pro-rated, regardless of the date of enrollment.  

4. Tuition is NON-REFUNDABLE.  

5. Capital Development, Matriculation and ESL Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

6. The School rarely grants discounts and there are no discounts for new students. Applications for discounts for returning students will be considered only if there is proven evidence of financial need. However, under no circumstances will discounts be granted for matriculation or capital development fees.  

7. Charge for late payments – A penalty assessment of 2% per month (cumulative) will be billed on fees not paid within 30 days from due date.

8. Claims for refund are made according to the Education Law of the Philippines and in compliance to the Private School Manual:

When a student registers in a school, it is understood that he/she is enrolling for the entire school year for elementary and secondary courses, and for the entire semester for collegiate courses. A student who transfers or otherwise withdraws, in writing within two weeks after the beginning of classes and who has already paid the pertinent tuition and other school fees in full for any length longer than one month, may be charged 10 percent of the total amount due for the term if he/she withdraws within the first week of classes, or 20 percent if within the second week of classes, regardless of whether or not he/she has actually attended classes. The student may be charged all the school fees in full if he/she withdraws anytime after the second week of classes.

For summer classes, a student who transfers or otherwise withdraws may be given a full refund if he/she withdraws before the first day of class. Otherwise, he/she may be charged 10 percent of the total amount due for the term if he/she withdraws until the second day or 20 percent if he/she withdraws until the fourth day regardless of whether or not he/she has actually attended classes. The student may be charged all the school fees in full if he/she withdraws anytime after the fourth day of class.
9. Returned Checks
The responsibility of ensuring the check is good rests with the parents. They should verify that their check has been honored by the bank and, in case it has been dishonored, should settle their account immediately by paying in cash or manager’s check. Failure to do so will automatically result in the deletion of the student’s name from the official enrollment list.
The student who paid within the regular enrollment period and whose check was subsequently dishonored will incur a penalty of P 500.00. The following additional charges will be imposed if the said check was replaced within the following:

within the 1st week of classes

P 200.00

within the 2nd week of classes

P 300.00

after the 2nd week

P100.00 / working day of the delay

Students whose checks have been dishonored twice during their entire stay in the School may no longer make subsequent payments using checks. Only cash and manager’s check will be accepted.

Students who have ACCOUNTS IN ARREARS at the end of the Quarter will not be issued their report cards and will not be RE-ADMITTED the following Quarter. Failure to meet these financial obligations in a timely manner may result in forfeiture of the student’s reservation or place.

*Should you want an assessment of fees, please email the Accounting Department at [email protected]

Student Manual


Student Affairs

Through the IB PYP program, Oakridge International School aims to prepare students for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. It equips them with the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitudes to become lifelong learners, global citizens, and active contributors to society. By fostering a love for learning and nurturing the whole child, Oakridge International School’s IB PYP program provides a solid foundation for future academic success and personal growth.