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Independent Study Program

Independent Study Absence

Independent Study Absence is a different way of learning. In Independent Study Absence, a student is guided by a teacher but does not take classes with other students every day. The student works independently.

Independent Study Absence is available at Oakridge International School. Parents/guardians may choose this type of study on their own, if their students will be absent from school for one week or more. A child with exceptional needs may not be enrolled in Independent Study Absence unless his/her IEP specifically provides for such enrollment. Students on Independent Study Absence will complete the same courses as students in regular classes. Our Independent Study Absence program is primarily designed to help students who have health problems, although it may, at the discretion of the principal, be offered to those who find that regular classroom settings do not meet their needs. With regards to absences, in accordance with Department of Education Order No.88 s 2010, Section 133, “A pupil or student in every private school who incurs absences of more than twenty (20%) percent of the prescribed number of class or laboratory periods during the school year or term should be given a failing grade and given no credit for the course or subject.” Students in Independent Study Absence are counted as present with regards to the twenty percent.

Students who do not participate in Independent Study Absence will be accountable for all missed classwork, seatwork, and other work that occurred during their absence. They will be responsible for any new learning / material that occurred during their absence. Without a well-developed plan, it is difficult for students to make up weeks of learning that they missed. This is especially true if they are working independently, without the guidance of a teacher.

Although Independent Study Absence Contracts are available for students and families, it is important that students be in class on a daily basis. Independent Study Absence cannot duplicate learning that occurs in the classroom. It is impossible to “make up” class discussions, presentations, demonstrations, guest speakers, and events crucial to the learning process.
All participants in Independent Study Absence must understand that it is an alternative instructional strategy, not an alternative curriculum. Students work independently, according to a written agreement and under the general supervision of their teachers. While Independent Study Absence students follow the Oakridge International-adopted, Independent Study Absence offers flexibility to meet individual student needs, interests, and styles of learning.

It is also important to understand that if the work is not returned on the first day of return, the absence would be considered unexcused. It is also critical in order to allow time for teachers to properly evaluate and assess student work.

To enroll in Independent Study Absence,

Notification of intent to enroll in Independent Study Absence is received, in writing at least 10 school days prior to the start of Independent Study Absence. The Independent Study Absence Contract is signed at this time, before the student is enrolled in Independent Study Absence.